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RITTER switchgears – with us, reliability of supply comes first.

Planning, development, production – we will take over all steps up to the approval of switchgears for medium- and low-voltage systems. In addition to the delivery of the equipment, we also like to offer you the complete installation, commissioning and regular servicing as well as maintenance. We can also provide retrofitting measures on existing systems – even if they are not ours. Your advantage: you will receive all services from one company. Customer proximity is just as important to us as short distances, fast response times, and high availability. Meaning that you get the product you need quickly.


In addition, we are extremely flexible in the manufacture of our switchgears. Upon customer request, we can customise products individually and according to requirements. In addition, old switch rooms can be made particularly good use of thanks to our air-insulated medium-voltage switchgears – in our performance class, we at RITTER build the most compact systems of this type. For the sake of the environment we forego SF6 and mixed gases, use sustainable materials, and reduce our CO2 footprint through energy-optimised production. Trust in more than 50 years of experience in switchgear construction!

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RITTER Switchgear GT4D
on Dutch TV

National and regional network operators in the Netherlands are investing heavily in order to sustainably expand the power grid. For this purpose, the Dutch Enexis Group relies on RITTER GT4D double busbar withdrawable switchgear. An interesting report of the TV station rtv Oost (NL) discusses the application in particular from minute 2.53 to 4:18


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Safe energy distribution - that's what we stand for.

Distributing energy safely is the prerequisite for its unrestricted availability in industry, supply and building technology. That's what we work to achieve – with our entire team and all our expert knowledge. 


In the film we will inform you about our services in the field of switchgears.

Low-voltage Switchgear

Metal-enclosed and subdivided into several metal-clad functional spaces up to 1 kV | Rated current 1250 to 4000 A | Rated short-time withstand current up to 100 kA at 725V | Rated surge short-circuit current up to 220 kA | All field types with check for internal errors up to 100 kA at 725 V | All distribution boards are tested with 100 kA | The systems comply with the following provisions: DIN EN 61439-1, DIN EN 61439-2, DIN EN 61439-2 Supplement 1, IEC / TR 61641 | System types NS3001, NS2001


Our well-known model series NS3001 and NS2001 are only available for retrofit projects or as extensions. Talk to us to find a suitable solution for you.

Our low-voltage switchgears at a glance

NS 3001 (DIN EN 61439)

  • Power control panels
  • Motor Control Centre
  • Fuse switching strips
  • Fuse strips
  • Compensation fields
  • Special fields

NS 2001 (DIN EN 60439)

  • Overview of our NS 2001 systems

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