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Ingo Kalcum
Head of Automation
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Alexander Krieger & Simon Friße
Heads of protection- and control systems
Tel. A. Krieger: (0231) 77 55 - 324
Tel. S. Friße: (0231) 77 55 - 325

Smart grid – modern solutions for efficient power grids.

With our energy automation solutions we are able to provide the economical and safe supply of electrical power in areas such as: energy, water, industry, transport, buildings. And exactly when they are needed. Tailored to your usage, we can plan energy automation systems and telecontrol stations, and deliver and integrate the corresponding equipment. Our engineers will carry out the integration of the input and output devices as well as the connection to the higher-level control systems, maintenance and control and monitoring systems. 


In addition, we will take care of the parameterisation of operator control and monitoring systems: from creating and enhancing images, creating server-client configurations, through to energy management systems. After a successful test in our factory, we will come to you and put the system into operation. We will also be at your disposal for further maintenance. 

Our RITTER Smart Grid solutions – always up to date.

At RITTER, we specialise in protection and station control technology (PSCT). Our qualified team can implement completely new systems, and adapt or upgrade existing ones. As a selected Certified Advanced and Solution Partner of Siemens Germany, we are familiar with the latest PSCT developments. Our protection and station control technology is delivered as a turnkey solution, and, thanks to controlled energy management, will ensure greater energy efficiency for your company. 


All RITTER Smart Grid devices can be equipped with the latest cybersecurity software and updated regularly. In addition, as a manufacturer of medium-voltage systems, and as a system integrator, we maintain close links with other suppliers of smart devices. This means we can develop systems with our own software exactly according to customer requirements.

An overview of our services

  • System planning 
  • Parameterisation of energy automation systems 
  • Planning of telecontrol stations 
  • Creation of info point lists and documentation 
  • Station control systems such as Siemens SICAM PAS/PQS, SICAM RTU, Sprecher Sprecon-E, SAE setIT 
  • Operator control and monitoring systems such as Siemens SICAM SCC, Sprecher V460 
  • Testing, commissioning and acceptance 
  • IT security (including: VPN tunnel, anomaly detection, IPsec, firewall) 
  • Planning, construction, documentation and hardening of communication networks 
  • Creation of documentation 
  • Creation of training materials and training 

RITTER Smart Grid – Modular GA Box.

The low-cost GA box has been designed for today's and tomorrow's functions, and particularly for the monitoring and control of medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution stations. Our GA-Box monitors, measures, controls and protects. It represents the intelligent interface between low-voltage and high-voltage substations and the control centre. The unit has a modular structure, offers numerous possibilities, and can be manufactured according to customer specifications. Thanks to the continuous development of the equipment, the compact design, and low cost of updating its cyber security, you will always receive the latest version of the GA box.

Short circuit indication (SCI) – for a shorter downtime.

Our RITTER medium-voltage switchgears can be optionally extended with short-circuit indicators (SCI). These increase security and offer the possibility of direct fault signalling. Failures (short circuits) are detected remotely and localised, thus reducing fault-related down times. In addition, short circuit indicators allow faster switching to another ring. The information is transmitted via the existing HS network (broadband power line carrier).

Manage energy and network quality – as per current standards.

There are many reasons to choose RITTER grid automation: our smart grid solutions will improve your energy management as per NEN-EN-ISO 50001: 2011. You can gain insight into your energy consumption, increase the efficiency of your system, and thus save costs. There are also advantages for managing network quality, e.g. higher availability and reduced maintenance costs. You can also monitor legal responsibilities and framework conditions as well as voltage quality as per EN50160/IEC61000-2-4.

In addition, malfunctions, including voltage dips, can be detected. This will reduce your malfunctioning costs and identify problems right at the source. We take the time to provide a detailed consultation, carry out measurements and analysis, and can then offer you complete solutions for the automation of your smart grid. Based on our skills and expertise, we can offer you a wide range of power quality systems, all of which meet the current IEC 50001 standards.

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