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Ingo Kalcum
Head of Automation
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Thanks to our documentation, you can keep track of all your data.

Especially in the event of a fault, it is important to have up-to-date documentation of the system at hand. So that every employee can quickly find the right and, above all, complete documents. But even in everyday operation this will help you save important time and resources.


Optimise your processes with location-independent information conservation and improved information capability. We will compile the documentation for our joint project according to your wishes. We are happy to take time for your individual requirements and create documents to meet all your needs.

We create and maintain all documents – both digital and analogue.

Descriptions, datasheets, drawings or protocols – on request everything can be supplied in multiple copies in paper and in digital format.
If existing documents are available, they, of course, can be included in the documentation. We will collect all the important information so that you have access to the right corporate knowledge.  During operation, and especially in an emergency, this means important time can be saved!


We can support you with any questions you may have relating to documentation –we look forward to getting to know you! Contact us, and together we will find a suitable solution.

An overview of our services

  • Compilation of technical datasheets, specifications, data point lists, and tender texts
  • Creation of test and commissioning protocols
  • Creation of operating manuals
  • Creation and integration of plans for cable routes, installations, and fire protection technology using AutoCAD + add-ons
  • Creation and integration of circuit diagrams for MV/LV systems with the CAD systems Ruplan EVU Module, EPLAN 5.7 or P8

Represent production processes - clearly and transparently.

Have complex datasheets at your fingertips, view transparent representations of production processes, with clearly structured, clearly arranged documentation, and you will be well on your way to improving your processes. At the same time, you will strengthen your company's internal communication and the work rhythm.

Easy to manage complex data structures – systematic and organised.

The creation of documentation is complex and consists of a variety of components. In addition to the standard data sheets, technical information or operating instructions, graphics, training materials, operating manuals, various protocols, delivery notes, contracts and guidelines

and many other documents have to be systematically integrated into your system. The larger your business, the larger your data structures become. At RITTER we can help you to organise yourself internally and to take your quality management to a new level.

+49 231 77 55 - 0