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Save energy, increase efficiency – we optimise network and process qualities.

The quality of the power supply plays a decisive role in ensuring smooth operation. Our specialists measure the quality of networks, analyse on-site disruptions, and ensure sustainable improvement.


In addition to safeguarding network quality, we are increasingly concentrating on the efficient use of energy. We pinpoint potential savings and develop individual concepts to optimise process flows. We purposefully select equipment that minimises energy consumption. This is shown by the results of state-of-the-art measuring technology. In this way, you will protect the environment, benefit in the long term from investments in economic energy management, and improve your competitiveness.

Fewer accidents, increased reliability – have us check your network.

System failures are not always an indicator of signs of wear. The cause is often due to the quality of the power grid. Such a malfunction can have a negative effect on production as well as on all protective devices. Today's power grid has to withstand ever increasing loads. It is therefore also important to have this checked at regular intervals. We can take over this task for you – and ensure a reliable energy supply.


Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we will determine the supply, consumption, and utilisation of your network. The subsequent data analysis will reveal weak points and potentials, based on which we will develop a detailed concept for you, leading to optimised processes and cost reduction.

An overview of our services

  • Checking power quality as per EN 50 160
  • Analysis and elaboration of saving potentials
  • Installation of filters to reduce harmonics, transients, and flickers
  • Data acquisition, recording and visualisation of all relevant measuring devices for cost reduction
  • Load management
  • Energy efficiency consulting

Active load management – the starting point for energy savings.

Regardless of your company's size, type or industry, we can systematically install energy management systems for you. Targeted measures, continuous monitoring and, therefore, transparency will lead to effective energy budgeting. In the long run, active load management will contribute to reducing energy costs – especially through the integration of renewable energies.

Measure, evaluate, manage – through targeted energy management.

How much energy is consumed at which point of operation? Where can consumption be reduced and how? We can give you answers to all these questions. Are you, for example, a chain store active nationwide and do you want to reduce your current expenses as regards lighting?

We will record the relevant metrics, compare and evaluate the results, and provide you with recommendations for cost-effective energy management. And we will of course also implement appropriate measures for you. Get in touch. We'll be happy to help!

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