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Achieve high transmission rates for signals – we can open up all the possibilities of network technology for you.

Thanks to our equipment with state-of-the-art measuring technology and a selection of high-quality products in the active and passive area, we can plan and implement the ideal network solutions for you. At the same time, we are your contact partner in the field of communication, data transfer, and image and sound transmission. Everything is possible – our specialists know how.


Whether via copper or optical fibre transmission, we at RITTER Starkstromtechnik can open up all network technology routes to you. We can also achieve high transmission rates for signals over long distances. How do we manage to produce an optimal data exchange? Via transmission with a system.

Versatile data and communication transmission – for greater convenience, control and security.

Our solutions for data and communication technology are versatile and flexible, and thus are used in many areas. Wireless communication systems (DECT, WLAN, UMTS, LTE) and satellite reception systems are just as much a part of our competence as broadband distribution systems. Do you need a system that enables faster and shorter communication paths as well as convenience? We offer, for example, installation of radio equipment for public authorities, phone (ISDN, VOIP), voice, and video equipment. Increased control is provided by access and time recording systems as well as time service and clock systems. Escape door/door security systems, and danger management systems increase safety.


At RITTER, we offer customised communication solutions for companies and institutions of all sizes. Our technical and economic advisers are at your side. Your requirements are their priority. Together with you, we will define your goals and achieve them by timely installation and commissioning of the network.

An overview of our services

  • Installation of fibre optic and copper networks
  • Active and passive components
  • Measuring technology
  • Packaging and splicing
  • Satellite and broadband cable systems
  • Integrated IP solutions for media technology (video, audio, data)
  • Measuring wireless and WLAN installation

Think connected, act connected – we make use of the possibilities of digitalisation.

Digitalisation has long since reached us and is opening up a multitude of new possibilities, in particular possibilities of modern communication. We connect our network technology with user-friendly systems and facilitate both the operation as well as the control of your own network. Its scope does not matter. We will adapt our communication technology to your needs, and we don't just think in a networked manner, but also act as a network.

Modern communication systems – the basis for maximum efficiency.

Structured communication, accessibility of data, and the networking of systems lead to a time- and cost-saving operation. Opt for the installation of demand-oriented and modern communication systems and thus increase your operational efficiency.


A targeted solution will help you to shorten communication paths, access data faster, and increase your performance. We can network all relevant access points and thus simplify your daily work – individually, innovatively and simply. Inquire about the countless possibilities!

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