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RITTER slide-in Switchgear type GT4H / GT4HX

12 kV-compact slide-in type switchgear for single- and duplex-mounting.


  • IEC 62271-200
  • up to 12 kV, list 2
  • up to 4000 A and 50 kA 3s
  • air insulated
  • metal enclosure, metal clad
  • Arc fault tested IAC AFLR


The GT4H switchgear is a compact air-insulated switchgear in slide-in technology for the high-current range. For the components used, such as protection and circuit breakers, we can react flexibly to customer requirements.

Field of Application

Circuit-breaker switchgear can be used for distribution substations in grid-, industrial- and power supply plants and are applicable for the switching of transformers, motors, generators, capacitors and transmission lines.


Metal clad, air insulated, factory assembled and type tested. Compartmentalization is made between the cubicles as well as between busbar-, slide-in and cable compartment sections. Highest personal and operational safety through the availability class LSC2B. Classification for internal errors IAC AFLR.

Panel Types

Load-break switches, vacuum contactors in slide-in type design, fuse switch disconnectors in fixed mounted design, measuring cubicles in fixed mounted or slide-in type design.


  • Width 800 mm to 2800 A operating current without forced cooling
  • Width 800 mm to 4000 A operating current with forced cooling (alternative 1000 mm)
  • Depth 1250 mm
  • Height 2360 / 2660 mm variable due to flexible niche size
  • With pressure relief duct, no higher dimensions

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