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The key to modern building management.


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Control and monitor all of your building technology – with RITTER building automation.

"Smart Home" has long become a household term. At RITTER, we do more – we provide holistic building management and therefore optimal operation. With our building automation, you can reduce energy costs and simplify the monitoring and control of your company. Thanks to automated processes, employees can also be utilised more efficiently elsewhere.


Intelligent integration of the system into the network makes it possible to combine all scenarios and thus leads to an efficient linkage. The automation of all technical operating processes falls under building automation. This includes, for example, heating, ventilation, lighting and fire alarm systems.

Moving into the future with automation – innovative and flexible.

A modern automation of your processes is the key to dynamic energy and building management, in which all required data is recorded and evaluated. Transparent and accurate data help to further optimise processes and record positive and negative results. You can increase the efficiency of your company and gain insights into the functioning of existing work processes.
Communication paths also become faster and shorter with RITTER building automation. We offer many years of know-how, quality awareness and future-oriented concepts for optimal automation.

An overview of our services

  • Selection of components, engineering
  • Parameterisation and programming
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Extension, modernisation
  • Documentation creation including circuit diagrams
  • Fault elimination

Sustainable solutions – save costs and maximise success.

Benefit from your company's full potential with our RITTER building automation. Your contact partner will advise you in detail on the topics of energy efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental protection.

You will benefit from all comfort features such as automatic lighting or heating, and also save time, resources and money.

RITTER building automation – to protect the environment.

Let's increase awareness of energy use and actively contribute to the protection of our planet together! 40% of energy is consumed in buildings – in warehouses, offices, or industrial buildings. At RITTER Starkstromtechnik we offer holistic and future-oriented solutions to reduce and control your energy consumption. 

Automating processes can help achieve energy savings of up to 30%. This allows you to maintain your competitiveness and increase awareness among employees, partners and customers. Contact us – we look forward to developing the best solution for your project.

+49 231 77 55 - 0