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Our lighting concepts meet high standards – always while interacting with architecture and design.

Lighting can brighten more than rooms. It can transform sales spaces into worlds of experience, set the scene for works of art, promote patient well-being, increase the feel-good atmosphere in offices, and is the basis for productive work in industrial and trade enterprises. 


We offer a broad and flexible spectrum to put your premises in the right light. The main focus of our work with lighting technologies lies in innovative lighting solutions for workplaces, traffic routes, open spaces, sports facilities, stages and events. Safety, anti-panic and escape route lighting are also part of our range of services. But even if you are simply looking for decorative lighting, you have come to the right place. In all areas, we ensure that our lighting concept matches the architecture and design of each location. A harmonious environment can only be achieved through interaction.

Lighting technologies for every building – holistic solutions with efficiency.

Cost- and goal-oriented – our holistic lighting solutions with access to innovative lighting technologies will optimally achieve your goals. One of our core areas is the consultation and installation of LED lighting. This is particularly efficient and always opens up new application possibilities, for example, for security or cold store lighting.


Our systems can be used in every building. The right lighting concept, or the correct lighting situation, improves our well-being without us consciously realising it. You will be supported by both automated control and our expert experience in lighting solutions.

An overview of our services

  • Lighting calculation
  • Consulting and sampling
  • LED lighting
  • Energy-efficient control with bus systems such as Dali, KNX, LNO
  • Safety lighting
  • Special lighting

Indoor and outdoor lighting – we will install it according to your wishes.

Whether logistics halls, office complexes, churches, outdoor areas or object illumination, we will not leave you in the dark. Our range of services in the field of lighting system installation knows practically no limits. Talk to us and we will inform you about the possibilities of individual illumination solutions.

Minimal energy consumption – maximum effect.

Lighting systems require comprehensive planning and corresponding advice on our part. In addition to the right light intensity, questions about the technology, standards, and legal regulations are essential. At RITTER, we offer you complete solutions – with intelligent lighting concepts that we will integrate into your building system.

We always have two factors in mind: energy consumption in terms of cost-effectiveness and a minimal ecological footprint, as well as the best possible effect of the lighting technologies used. This is accompanied by the fact that the lighting system adapts itself to daylight or to darkness via an automatic system controller. The result: optimum lighting conditions at all times.

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