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You are committed, curious and looking for a profession with perspective? Then you fit in well with our team. We train young people who have a thirst for knowledge and want to be infected by the enthusiasm for electrical engineering...

We will drive your digital transformation – from intelligent analysis to the planning and strategy of complete solutions.

The energy industry is increasingly becoming the focus in all our areas of life. Optimum processes require transparency, intelligence, and reliability. It's exactly these three qualities that are paramount in our projects – allowing you to benefit from secure systems. In addition, we at RITTER Starkstromtechnik attach great importance to sustainability. The path to permanent energy efficiency already starts at the point of condition analysis, and continues throughout the following planning steps.


Together with you, we will develop strategies that will ensure consistency today and in the future. We will advise you, develop concepts, and manage them. At the same time, we always have the big picture in our sights: with our innovative complete solutions, we will work together with you to drive digital transformation. A direct customer relationship is important to us. A personal project manager will be at your side during the entire course of the project, and will take over all of the organisational measures. This guarantees a smoothly run procedure.

Extensive analysis – in order to recognise your potential.

A prerequisite for the intelligent networking of the physical and the virtual world, of products, machines and systems, is the extensive analysis of the current situation's actual condition. We will identify needs as well as options for efficient and secure data collection and use. Our experts will test, check, and evaluate. In doing so, they will bring in their in-depth knowledge of the industry and their mature experience – always with the aim of discovering your business's full potential.


Predictive planning – for optimised processes.

With careful planning, we will ensure that your project becomes a success. Of course, we also encourage foresight in our thinking. All components interlock to enable the networking in your company to lead to increased efficiency. All processes are taken into account, worked out in detail, and prepared so that they will function reliably after implementation.


Strategy – tailored to your requirements.

We will take all factors that are relevant to your specific project into account. This allows us to determine in advance which steps will be implemented when and how. When creating a strategy, we will include both economic and ecological progress for your business. Whether in management, documentation or process control – we will orient ourselves to your requirements and create an individual concept exclusively for you.

Energy management

Economical and resource-saving action requires committed energy management. We will plan and supervise the application of power generation and consumption units for you. This ensures supply, high quality, and cost efficiency.

Turnkey projects

Trust in a turnkey end result. With project planning, professional installation, cable work, lightning protection, and earthing systems, as well as many more features, your projects will be immediately ready for use. Coordination with planning offices, architects or examination institutions is also ensured. Rely on us – we are here for you around the clock, even after the project has been handed over!

Master the challenge of optimal utility networks with us – through the use of the Internet of Things.

Industry, transport, gas, water, large buildings – intelligent solutions are in demand across all industries. The integration of renewable energies, decentralised input, and fluctuating supply services presents us with the challenge of optimising networks accordingly. In order to master this, we use innovation to develop ideas that balance processes. We use the almost unlimited possibilities of digitalisation and automation.

Through cloud-based solutions, we can connect systems and use the enormous amount of data from the Internet of Things (IoT). Regulating, controlling, monitoring – all operations can be brought to a new level through smart development. 


Are you looking for a strong partner who will be able to support you right from the planning stages of future-oriented projects? Feel free to get in touch!

Production, installation & service

We will take over the integration of your hardware and software. Learn more!

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