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Integrated building protection – through comprehensive safety analysis.

Safety is not only a question of human commitment, but also of economic rationale. We consider building security holistically, by which we mean the protection of people, spaces and values.

Taking into account the size of your company, the industry, and legal requirements, our products and systems are used as an integrated overall solution – based on a comprehensive individual safety analysis.

Protect what's important – through fire and burglar alarm systems.

Long before a person notices smoke, heat or an open fire, fire detectors record the danger. In addition, fire alarm systems can be connected directly to the nearest fire alarm centre or the nearest fire brigade. We implement fire alarm systems in accordance with DIN 14675. Our complete implementation of a comprehensive fire alarm system also includes route cards, construction plans, smoke and heat detectors, and a control panel. In addition to fire alarm systems, we can install smoke extraction systems (SES), gas detection systems, electroacoustic emergency systems, voice alarm systems (VAS) and patient call systems in your building.

Do you want to protect people, machinery and goods from burglary in the best possible way? We install house alarm and burglar alarm systems. Our systems specifically pass on relevant information to those affected, as well as to security guards or the police. This allows them to react quickly, seek in an emergency, or come to the rescue. The same applies to our hold-up detection systems. Upon request, we can combine the various systems and build a comprehensive security system for you.

An overview of our services

  • Fire alarm systems as per DIN 14 675
  • Design of fire alarm systems as per DIN 14 675 and DIN VDE 0833
  • Locking systems for fire protection closures according to DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) guidelines
  • Voice alarm systems as per DIN VDE 0833
  • Burglary alarm systems
  • Programming and configuration
  • Regular maintenance, inspection, and servicing
  • 24-hour emergency service

Our security solutions – flexible and adaptable.

The big advantages of our integrated security solutions are their flexibility and expandability. We can respond to changing conditions at any time and adjust the security level accordingly. It goes without saying that all components used are always state-of-the-art.

Predictive and standard-compliant -–with our RITTER security concepts you will be well prepared for emergencies.

Forewarned is forearmed. A thorough concept, high quality equipment, and an emergency plan can minimise the risks and consequential damage of fires, raids, burglaries or other hazards. Our professional team from RITTER will provide you with detailed advice on how to increase protection, for example, in company buildings or public areas. 

Special requirements are taken into consideration in addition to current guidelines and standards. Our experts are familiar with the applicable laws and regulatory requirements and ensure that they are complied with. Talk to us – we will develop a security concept that meets your requirements!

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