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RITTER Special customised switches

Ritter Starkstromtechnik is world market leader for special customised high-current switches.

Movable switch for Chorine cells

Movable switches for Chorine cells generate a short circuit and a bypassing of the current for in-line cells. The operating current will be up to 200 kA. The connecting surface "switch to cell" is from the dimension like a sheet of paper DIN-A 4. Current density, uniformly distribution of the current and the switching under load is an outstanding challenge.



Chlorine switches with a shaft length up to 12 meter

Fixed installed short circuit switches for Chlorine cells in-line needs shaft length up to 12 meter. The operating current and switching capacity will be up to 180 kA. Ritter delivered to many customers switches with synchronised operation and a perfect uniformly current distribution for the whole lifetime.



Movable switches for the Graphite industry

A special challenge is the dust and dirt in a Graphite plant. The switches will be moved from one graphite stove to another graphite stove and arrange the power supply by contacting a busbar at the ceiling. Ritter switches enables the contact to 240 kA rated current under dust and heat.



World biggest DC Breaker

Switching capacity with rated current 72 kA under 12 kV DC power supply, no problem for the Ritter DC-Breaker; and the insulating distance enables a safe personal safety. World record.

Product variant

Special switching devices for Hig-Voltage Technology  – RITTER Starkstromtechnik

"Yellow Monster II"

Application for chlorine plants

Special switching devices for Hig-Voltage Technology  – RITTER Starkstromtechnik


Field of application Nuclear fusion reactors

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