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Intelligent industrial and building automation – we can equip you with advanced technolog

Do you want to save energy while increasing your productivity? Sure thing. In addition to the needs-based energy supply of your industrial systems, we also focus on optimising your complex process flows. Our engineers keep an eye on your entire network of operational systems and ensure the best possible result by adapting the control and regulation processes.


Automation is a key factor for advanced and efficient manufacturing in the industrial sector. Automated processes also mean greater effectiveness for buildings. In addition, safety and convenience are increased via modernisation measures. We can provide you with intelligent solutions, paving the way for future-oriented industrial and building automation.

Ensure competitiveness – align yourself to be future-oriented.

At RITTER we ensure technological development with industrial and building automation. Modern plants and processes are constantly being optimised. A digital linkage of all processes, the use of modern building monitoring and management systems, and the visualisation of building characteristics simplify control and monitoring. This stage of development opens up new perspectives for making work and manufacturing processes more flexible and efficient. For you this means: higher productivity and competitiveness.


We use different bus systems for data transmission, such as KNX, LON and LCN for installation, and BAC-net, Profibus or MOD-Bus for building automation. Likewise, our portfolio includes measurement, control and regulation systems for electrical and non-electrical quantities.

An overview of our services

  • Visualisation of processes via WinCC, Elvis, Proface, Wonderware
  • Programmable logic controller S7
  • Compilation of technical datasheets
  • Device specification and selection of equipment
  • Supply and installation of measuring and control equipment
  • System bus, fieldbus system
  • EMSR basic engineering

Exploiting potential – through intelligent networking.

Some modern applications do not lead to more efficiency. Only a complete system with intelligent networking can lead to the highest possible efficiency. Let us identify and unlock all of your potential to achieve the very best you can. We will develop holistic and tailor-made application plans for your processes – for the safe and economic supply to exactly meet your needs.

Digitalisation – the basis for perfect processes.

Automation brings many advantages, particularly as regards competitiveness and cost savings. The most important basis for this: digitalisation. This optimises and compresses systems, meaning that you benefit from increased efficiency. The linking of all processes results in seamless communication and visualisations become uniform. Regular analyses serve to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Interacting and flexible technology perfects processes – both in industry and in all forms of building. We at RITTER take care of that. Contact our staff and find out about our solutions. Our team will be happy to advise you on how your production or your building could be developed into a smart site through automation.

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