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RITTER Switch components for high-voltage engineering Preview
RITTER Circuit breaker type HCD
High-Current Disconnector "welded type"
High-Current Disconnector for the interchange "copper to aluminium"
Rated Voltage: up to 3 kV
Rated Current up to 180 kA
Special versions with up to 440 kA rated current.
  • Welded type for aluminium busbar
  • Perfect interchange from aluminium to copper
  • Safe and visible insulating distance
  • Maintenance free
  • Fail-safe and reliable
  • Long lifetime
Area of application
The Disconnector type HCD is basically designed for a welding into an aluminium busbar system. This Disconnector is also perfect for the interchange from an aluminium busbar to a copper busbar. One side will be welded into aluminium and the other side will be screwed into a copper busbar.
The Disconnector is equipped with blade-contacts with a robust design. The connection from aluminium to solid silver is according Ritter special welding. This is a lifelong connection silver/aluminium without trouble.

The insulation level refers to normal air conditions at sea level. For installation altitude above 1000 m consider reduction of insulation level.
Pre-contact systems
The Disconnector can be equipped with a small pre-contact to protect the main contacts against rest-voltage during operation.
Supplementary equipment
  • Pre-contacts
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Motor drive
  • Electromagnetic Interlock
  • Remote drive
  • Special customised versions
HCD 120 mot

HCD 120 mot

HCD 45 mot

HCD 45 mot

HCD 110

HCD 110
Copper-aluminium design, with red arrangement for welding

HCD 24

HCD 24
Copper-aluminium design, with red arrangement for welding

Main contacts in closed position


Main contact. Silver will be welded to aluminium with a special technique for trouble free lifetime

HCD Kupfermesser

Copper blades for trouble free lifetime