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Switch components
High voltage
Medium voltage
Railway engineering
Switch components MOVIE
RITTER Switch components
High current application
Rated current up to 440 kA | For all chlorine electrolysis | For metal electrolysis processes (copper, zinc, aluminum) | For graphite plants | Movable cart switches | Rectifier Disconnector | Bolted and welded types | Special switch components
These Group Products are:
High current application »
High current application »
Medium voltage application
Rated voltage up to 40,5 kV | Rated current up to 8000 A | 1,2,3…9-pole types | Y Disconnector | Earthing switches | Special types
These Group Products are:
Medium voltage application »
Medium voltage application »
Railway application
DC and AC systems | On-load Disconnector / Breaker | Off-load Disconnector / Isolator | Earthing switches | Special types
These Group Products are:
Railway application »
Railway application »