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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Fuse block panel SL 2001
Version with single busbar or double-front mode of construction up to 0,7 kV, fuse blocks up to 630 A. type-tested, metal clad and compartmentalized

- DIN EN 60439 Part 1
- IEC 60439-1
- DIN VDE 0660 Part 500
Fuse block panel SL 2001
The SL 2001 panel is a power distribution unit with strip type, push-in and modular switch-disconnecotr-fuses. Considering to the accident prevention regulations, the block can be retrofitted and modified without the main busbar having to be switched off. The main components are the in-line switch-disconnectors-fuses of type Jean Müller. The blocks are plugged on to a vertical busbar (up to 2500 A). The different phases are compartmentalized from each other to provide resistance against arcing.

Areas of application for this type of switching are:
  • Load distribution systems
  • Light and power socket distribution system up to 690V
  • Direct current distribution systems up to 220V DC, DC 1
A 3-pole vertical busbar is fitted in the rear part of the standard frame. An intermediate wall separates the fuse block compartment from the cable connection compartment. A cable conductor and the PEN or PE and N copper busbar are mounted on the right-hand side wall of the cable connection compartment.
The cable connections are compartmentalized and fitted with bellows as protection against accidental contact. The cable compartment is equipped with a separate door. Power and control cables can be connected directly to the switch blocks on the right side in the compartmentalized cable connection compartment.
An auxiliary busbar system is fitted for situations where there are a number of parallel cables on one block. The in-line switch-disconnecotr-fuses are pushed into the lateral guide rails of the switch block compartment until the input contacts of the blocks make firm contact with the vertical busbar.
The switch blocks themselves can be operated from outside with the transparent plastic doors closed. The individual compartments for the switch blocks, the cable connection compartment and busburs are compartmentalized vis a vis each other in an arcing-resistant manner.
Arrangement of the Switch Blocks Maximum Version:
Auf der vertikalen Sammelschiene können unter Berücksichtigung des Gleichzeitigkeitsfaktors die folgenden Schaltleisten aufgesteckt werden:
  • 18 x 3-pole blocks of size 00, 160 A
  • 10 x 3-pole blocks of size 1, 250 A
  • 8 x 3-pole blocks of size 2, 400
  • 6 x 3-pole blocks of size 3, 630 A
A mixture of switch blocks of different sizes can be fitted.
In-line switch-disconnector-fuse
The in-line switch-disconnector-fuse of type Jean Müller is a switch-fuse combination in a fully isolated, compartmentalized version with transparent front panel. The distance between the poles of the slide-in-contracts is 185 mm. The block is fitted with connection screws for cable lugs. The fuse blocks of size 00 and 1are 75 mm wide and inserted in guide strips of appropriate size. As an option a locking device can be supplied to prevent switching on being carried out unintentionally during the insertion process. All size of fuse block can be equipped additively with ammeter, auxiliary switch 1S + 1Ö and electronic fuse monitoring.
Rated voltage
Switch block
Use category
Rated current up to
500 V
Size 00
AC 23; DC 21
160 A
Size 1
AC 23; DC 21
250 A
Size 2
AC 23; DC 21
400 A
Size 3
AC 23; DC 21
630 A
726 V
Size 00
AC 23; DC 21
160 A
Size 1
AC 23; DC 21
200 A
Size 2
AC 23; DC 21
315 A
Size 3
AC 23; DC 21
500 A
Outline SL 2001