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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Board Unit Design with Fuse-load-break Disconnector PT 2001
Version with single busbar in single or double-front mode of construction up to 0,7 kV, type-tested, metal clad and partly compartmentalized

- DIN EN 60439 Part 1
- IEC 60439-1
- DIN VDE 0660 Part 500
Board unit design panel PT 2001
RITTER board unit design panels represent a cost-favourable alternative to withdrawable unit designs. Subject to observation of the accident prevention regulations, combinations of devices can be retrofitted or modified on the erection plates without the busbar having to be switched off. The main components are the fully encapsulated and compartmentalized 400 A and 800 A carrier rails. 125 A to 630 A use-load-break disconnectors can be clipped on to these and locked into place. The different modularly sized boards are suitable for different combinations of devices.

Areas of application for this type of system are:
  • Motor distribution systems
  • Light and power socket distribution system up to 690 V
  • Direct current distribution systems up to 220 V
The PT 2001 switchgear panel consist of the standard frame, the fully compartmentalized busbar compartment with the main busbar and RITTER frame rails. A PEN bus and cable carrying brackets are fitted in the lower part of the panel. A 4-pole isolated 50A connector bus can be supplied for closed-loop networks. The panel is closed off at the front and back with double doors. The loaded boards are screwed on beneath par of the related fuse-load-break disconnector and are connected to this with made-up cable connectors. Power and control cables are connected to the relevant board terminal strip.
Carrier rails
The 800 A carrier rails enable the following maximum number of fuse-load-break disconnectors to be fitted on one panel side:
  • 8 units, 3-pole fuse-load-break disconnectors, 125 A
  • 4 units, 3-pole fuse-load-break disconnectors, 250 A
  • 2 units, 3-pole fuse-load-break disconnectors, 630 A
In addition a combination of fuse-load-beak disconnectors for different rated currents can be fitted in the installation modular grid of 125 mm. A maximum of 8 boards of size 1250 mm x125 mm can be fitted beneath one carrier rail. Alternatively for motor branch circuits of up to 5,5 kW on each side, 2 x 400 A carrier rails can be fitted. This makes it possible for a maximum of 16 boards with a size of 530 mm x 125 mm to be fitted.

With 800 A carrier rails, each cabinet can be loaded with a total of 8 boards on each front side, with 400 A carrier rails the maximum number is 16 on each side.

Board sizes:
  • PG 1/2: 530 x 125 mm
  • PG 1: 1250 x 125 mm
  • PG 2: 1250 x 250 mm
  • PG 3: 1250 x 375 mm
  • PG 4: 1250 x 500 mm
Each board is a rounded-off device carrier that is screwed on vertically. The devices are screwed on to the top board. Operating, control and measuring devices can be arranged in the top part of each board. All operating devices and the wiring are easily accessible and are in accordance with the relevant valid regulations.
Outline PT 2001