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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Circuit breaker panels LS 2001
Made in withdrawable unit design, single and duplex arrangement up to 0,7 kV, type tested, metal clad and compartmentalized:

- DIN EN 60439 Part 1
- IEC 60439-1
- DIN VDE 0660 Part 500
Circuit breaker panel LS 2001
RITTER circuit breaker panels are designed in such way that air circuit breakers with high ampacity and breaking capacity can be arranged in reliable operations. The greatest part of the waste heat arising is dissipated. The design ensures that any arcing that may arise will be led in such way that serious internal damage to the panel is avoided.
The circuit breaker panel is fitted with doors for the listed below:
  • Circuit breaker compartment
  • Cable connection compartment
  • Low voltage niches
  • Busbar compartment
The doors are executed in a pressure resistant manner in case of internal accidental arcing and can be open to an angel of 175 ° thanks to the externally positioned hinges.
The circuit breaker is fitted centrally on the panels. The connection to the bus bars is made in the rear part of the panel. The cable connection is arranged beneath the circuit breaker. In the bus coupler panels the connection to the busbar are made on the side of the circuit breaker so that the different coupling arrangements are possible: in the course of the busbars, to the busbar of the switchgears row arranged on the beck; to the second busbar above the switchgear and to busbar conduits lying above.
Operating devices
All commercially available circuit breakers can be fitted in the LS 2001 switchgear panels. Preferred makes are however ABB, Merlin-Gerin, AEG and Siemens in withdrawable unit or fixed assembly version.
Protection, signalling, measuring and control devices are preferentially selected from the items in the stock. Special wishes can however be met. The busbars are always made of copper and it can if required be silver-coated or painted in part.
Outline LS 2001