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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Panel with reactive power compensation modules KPF 3001

Into the panel it can be built up to 4 capacitor racks with maximum 100 kvar per module. An intelligent, self-optimizing power factor controller is installed into the switch cabinet. The power factor operating relay is integrated into the cabinet door, so that is possible to operate from outside. The supply is carried out external, so that the compensation panel can be shutdown for service. Optional main bus bar could be realized on the beck side. Optional supply can be realized through the rear main bus bar system. Stand alone installation possible. Fan unit with temperature control integrated into the cabinet.

Field of application
These panels are applicable in the building service and the industry version. The panels of the industry version are tested for resistance to internal results.
- Rated voltage Ue: 400V / 500V / 690V
- Rated busbar current In: Up to 4000A
- Frequency f: 50/60 Hz
- Rated short-time current Icw: 100 kA
- Rated peak withstand current Ipk: 220 kA
- Rated short-time duration: 1,0 s
- Short-time duration for internal arc: 0,3 s
- Breaking levels: 12,5 kvar, 25 kvar, 50 kvar, 75 kvar
- Detuning factor: 7%, 8%, 14%
Panel width
Panel depth
Panel height
1000 mm
660 mm
2300 mm
1000 mm
660 mm
2400 mm
Outline KPF 3001