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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Fixed assembly design panels ET 2001
Version with single or double busbar in single or double-front mode of construction up to 0,7 kV, type-tested, metal clad and compartmentalized

- DIN EN 60439 Part 1
- IEC 60439-1
- DIN VDE 0660 Part 500
Fixed assembly design panels ET 2001
RITTER fixed assembly design panels are selected when relatively large amounts of power have to be distributed. With the aid of the reinforced RITTER contact busbar, up to 2200A can be distributed per panel.

In this concept a number of different forms of execution are possible:
  • Modules with cables connected in a fixed manner
  • Modules with output contacts
  • Modules with fixed move-in device
  • Modules with loose move-in device
  • Modules with test position within the panel
  • Panel with internal double busbar, modules arranged to the left and right of this, cable space in the centre with cable connection.
The vertical 800 A or 2200 A contact busbar is mounted in the rear part of the standard frame. In the version with output contacts, an intermediate wall with the control plugs separates the module and the connection compartments. The modules are closed at the top and bottom and form in this way arcing resistant compartments. The modules are closed with compartment doors which are locked with the switching device. There is a common door to the cable connection space for all modules. Empty places are closed off with dummy doors.
The panel with double busbar consist of the module compartments which are arranged in mirror-image fashion to the left and right and the central, compartmentalized cable connection space with cable bearers and PEN (PE - N) rail.
Arrangement of the modules
The ET switch cabinet can be subdivided up in stages of 100 mm into a maximum of 18 tiers.

Module sizes:
  • Size 1 - entire row
  • Size 2 - two rows
And so on.
The ET modules are mad up of sheet steel parts. The back wall with the main contacts and the device carrying plates are secured to the bottom plates. The modules are pushed in with the aid of an auxiliary device or are moved with the aid of each module's own kinematics lever system. The control circuits are connected via a section device. Bottoms, signal lamps, measuring devices and so on, can be mounted in the compartment door.

Fitting out of the modules:
  • Circuit breakers up to 1250A, also as compact switches with current limiters
  • With fuse-load-break disconnectors up to 630A
  • With motor contractor combination.
Outline ET 2001