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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Low voltage switchgear combination NS3001
Type-tested low voltage switchgear panels with following panel designs: Motor Control Centre MCC, Circuit breaker, Switch-disconnector-fuses, Power factor correction.

Metal-clad and compartmentalized up to 1 kV, rated current up to 4000 A and rated short-time withstand current up to 100 kA.

DIN EN 61439-1, DIN EN 61439-2
DIN EN 61439-2 Beiblatt 1, IEC/TR 61641

General product properties

RITTER Low voltage switchgear NS3001 is supplied in factory-assembled, type-tested design. The switchgear is assembled with galvanised sheet-steel, bolted and riveted. The doors and covers are painted in the RAL7035. The colour can be changed. RITTER low voltage switchgear assemblies of type NS3001 are tested for resistance to internal faults.

The main busbar is arranged on the back side, in the middle of the switchgear. The busbars are linked from panel to panel; this makes it possible for the system to be extended or to replace one panel in the system in a simple manner. All system can be located back-to-back, free standing or against a wall. Installation and dismantling work can be carried out from the front of the system.
LSF 3001 »
Circuit breaker panels
CB-panels in the withdrawable and fixed assembly for 3-poles circuit breaker with rated current can be up to 4000 A. Rated peak current can be up to 100 kA.

KFF 3001 »
Coupler panels
CB-panels in withdrawable and fixed assembly for 3-poles circuit breaker with rated current can be up to 4000A. Rated peak current can be up to 100 kA.

MCC 3001 »
Motor control centre
This is the panel with 11 tiers and max 44 modules. Modules can be hardwired or bus interface design.

SAS 3001 »
Switch-disconnector with fuses
This panel has horizontal integrated switch-disconnector with fuses.

SLF 3001 »
Switch-disconnector block with fuses
This panel has vertical integrated switch-disconnector with fuses.

KPF 3001 »
Compensations panel
This panel can be suitable to compensation up to 400kVAr.

KOF 3001 »
Compensations panel
Thus panel is open for different configurations, for example for control, frequency converter.
Industry / EVU
Building services eng.
Provided norms
DIN EN 61439 - 2 (Layout)
IEC/TR 61641 (Layout)
DIN EN 60439 - 1
DIN EN 60439 - 1 Supp. sh2
DIN EN 61439 - 2 (Layout)
DIN EN 60439 - 1
Rated voltage Ue
400V / 500V / 690V
400V / 500V / 690V
Rated current In
4000 A
4000 A
Rated short time duration
0,3 s
Not tested
Frequency f
50/60 Hz
50/60 Hz
Rated short time current Icw
100 kA
100 kA
Rated peak Withstand current Ipk
220 kA
220 kA
Rated isolation voltage Ui
1000 V
1000 V
Types of protection

The encapsulation of the NS 3001 switchgear assemblies is in accordance with IP31, but can also be executed in accordance with IP41. Higher protection types normally resulted with reductions in the rated value.

The insides compartmentalisation and low-voltage niche are produced in with protections type IP2X.