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RITTER Low Voltage Switchgear Preview
RITTER Low voltage switchgear NS 2001
NS 2001 - Low voltage switchgear

Circuit breaker panels, withdrawable unit, fixed assembly, plug-in-unit, fixed assembly and board unit design, fuse block panels, air-insulated, metal clad, and compartmentalised up to 1kV. DEN EN 60439 Part 1, IEC 60439, DIN VDE0660 Part 500
LS 2001 »
Circuit breaker panel
in withdrawable unit design for single and duplex arrangement

MCC 2001 »
Motor control centre
withdrawable unit design for single and duplex arrangement

ET 2001 »
Fixed assembly design switchgear panels
for single and duplex arrangement

ST 2001/ST 2005 »
Plug-in design switchgear panels
for single and duplex arrangement

PT 2001 »
Board unit design
for single and back-to-back arrangement

SL 2001 »
Fixed assembly design
with fuse blocks for single and duplex arrangement
General product properties

Area of application
Low voltage switchgear assemblies are used as motor switchgear assemblies, power and installation distribution board and is used for switching, converting, controlling, regulation, protecting and measuring of electrical consumers.

- DIN EN 60439 (DIN VDE 0660 Part 500)
- IEC 60439 and implication
- DIN VDE 0100
- EU conformity declaration (CE) 73 / 23 EEC Low voltage directive
- DIN ISO 9001

Field of application
  • Panel for air circuit breaker in the outgoing and coupler field.
  • MCC-panel (withdrawable) has 9 tiers and max 36 modules.
  • ET fields for load distributor withdrawable units with power or fuse-load-break disconnectors, motor withdrawable units.
  • ST fields (plug-in design) for load withdrawable units, m.c.b. and motor withdrawable units and other applications.
  • PT fields (board unit design) for load distributions board, m.c.b. and Linocur boards and other applications.
  • SL panels (fuse block panels)