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Medium voltage
Low voltage
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RITTER Switchgear
Medium Voltage Switchgear
Up to 36kV normal busbars and up to 24kV double busbars | Shorttime current up to 50kA | Type tested, air insulated and proofed to internal arcing according to IEC 62271-200, DIN EN 62271-1 | Metal clad | Subdivided in the couple metal enclosed functional sections with safety pressure relief duct | All switching operations with doors closed.
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Medium voltage »
Medium voltage »
Low Voltage Switchgear
Design- or rather TTA / Partial TTA tested low voltage switchgear with circuit breaker, MCC, switch-disconnector | Metal clad and compartmentalized up to 1kV | rated current up to 4000A | Shorttime current up to 100 kA | RITTER- low voltage switchgear conform to follow terms
DIN EN 61439-1, DIN EN 61439-2
DIN EN 61439-2 Beiblatt 1, IEC/TR 61641
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Low voltage »
Low voltage »